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Because protection against corrosion does not have to cost the Earth. Nanoguard ACP® Safe & Environmentally friendly solutions.

Nanoguard Anti-Corrosive Pigments


Nanoguard ACP®, the range of non toxic anti-corrosive pigments which are functional, cost effective and environmentally friendly have been developed especially to replace the heavy metal containing anti-corrosives traditionally used by the coatings industry around the world, from high performance coil coatings and products for the harsh environments of the North Sea Drilling platforms.

For products safe and efficient for use in the home and "Do It Yourself" markets meeting the stringent requirements of RoHS.



Fully compliant with all of the FDA requirements Nanoguard ACP range of pigments make formulation easy, so whether it is replacing a Zinc Phosphate, a modified Zinc Phosphate, an ion exchange pigment or a more demanding but more toxic Chomate such as Strontium Chromate or Zinc Tetraoxychrmoate there is a Nanoguard ACP® product to support your needs.

Nanoguard ACP® developed by Sensopolis Ltd, based in the UK, has been successfully tested and integrated into the coatings systems of many of the most well known global players of the coatings industry today.




For more information, samples or formulation guidance please email: busdev@sensopolis.com

Nanoguard ACP®

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Nanoguard ACP® DCP

The new product for Powder coatings, ideally suited for thin film powders and protection in areas prone to faraday cage effect corrosion especially on white goods where RoHS and FDA compliance are a real advantage!


Nanoguard ACP® 2


The new replacement for Zinc Tetraoxychromate in PVB etch primers and weldable epoxy primers


Nanoguard ACP® 2


The new replacement for Strontium chromate in coil coating systems to avoid expensive environmental contamination class action claims, contamination on blast cleaning and other risks.